2. mája 2010

Londýn 2009

Londýnske veveričky

V každom londýnskom parku pobehovalo a po stromoch liezlo množstvo veveričiek. Boli také krotké, že dokázali prísť úplne blízko k človeku a vziať si od neho nejakú dobrotu,  najčastejšie oriešky.

4 komentáre:

  1. Greetings from London!

    Hi I found your page via your friend's blog. I know she speaks German but I thought you would have a better chance of understanding me if I wrote to you in English...

    I just wanted to say I'm in London too and I see squirrels like that all the time. They live up the trees on my road.

    Is it true the squirrels in continental Europe are all red? Ours are grey because some idiot in Victorian times brought over American grey squirrels, probably as pets. Of course they escaped and, being bigger and hardier than the reds, soon supplanted them... and now we only see red squirrels in old children's books... I have seen them once as a child, near London Zoo in Regent's Park. Last time I went back, though, I couldn't find any. I think the grey squirrels (which are very bushy-tailed and cute, I have to say) have finally got rid of the last ones... Very sad!

    Anyway, wishing you a nice day and all {;-)...

  2. PS: where did you get those butterflies from? They're amazing!

  3. Butterflies are on this page:

  4. I saw here in Slovakia only rusty squirrels. Maybe there are also other color, I do not know.